Top most Currency Exchange APIs list

Currency exchange API like conversion from USD to INR, USD to Pound, and there more than 180 currency in the world. So, you can these currency esxchange data real time with these following free APIs

IP to geolocation APIs collection

If you need an API that can get geolocation data from IP address and Geo Cordinates ther here are most used free Geocoding APIs.

Top 30 APIs for Software Developers

This Public APIs collection is for Software developer and you have to must know about these powerful APIs, use into your projects and do some automations.

Top most weather APIs Collection

Integrate weather information into your projects like weather data from multiple sources, global historical weather, climate data, weather predictions Free APIs. We have top most used Weather APIs collection.

Anime Free APIs collections

Here we curated the top most used free Anime APIs and you can access anime data with these following public APIs.

Top 10 Free Movies APIs

The information about movies is publically and freely available to use in your projects. So, we curated some good and reliable public APIs collection in one place.

List of Free Music APIs

Top most music APIs collection those have information about artists, libraries, playlists, lyrics, music encyclopedia, music knowledge and audio Free APIs.