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Enrich your apps with machine-readable and properly structured news feeds with the help of Contify. It tags, duplicates, and aggregates data and delivers through RSS feeds, webhooks, and RESTful APIs. Contify offers wide coverage of clean and company-based intelligence data relevant to specific business or industry, instead of keyword-based feeds. It collects data from 200k+ sources, including company websites, online news, social media, reviews websites, regulatory portals, job boards, niche and premium publications. In addition to that, it allows you to integrate your preferred sources for fetching user-relevant data from anywhere across the globe. Contify also provides multi-language support through SmartTranslate so that you can source intel from publications in 100s of languages. They combine AI and machine-learning technologies with human intelligence to deliver deduplicated and actionable data feed, identify trends, and maintain system integrity. The platform also includes noise-filtering algorithms like NLP, NER, and disambiguation, to ensure a constant flow of quality updates. With API endpoints and customized taxonomy, they structure all the sourced data with their endpoints to align your business goals. Enjoy frictionless collaboration using a fully dedicated account management.

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API Specification

Plan: free
Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $0
API Calls: Maximum 600 requests per 60 second window.