What is API?


API stands for Application Programming Interface, in layman terms it means a way to connect two softwares services and exchange between them, usually via internet.

You must have come accross the term APIs, Endpoints, Webhooks etc before if you have started your way into Web development or app development.

Interaction will likely happen in two ways, you will either request data or respond data, APIs are built on this very foundation.

Using these principles, we will teach you what APIs are, when to use them & How to make them from Scratch.

Say you want to get Weather for a specific city, lets say New York, Public APIs lists many weather APIs that will send you weather data on demand.

Node & Express

We will be using Node.js, a javascript runtime, that allows us to run javascript on server, yes the same javascript we use in browsers, with some special built in functions, making us achieve much more than what we usually do in browsers.

Express is the go to standard of making API with Node, Express is a Node.js framework which will make our code more cleaner, skip writing boilerplate and more readable. We use express because Node is raw and using express will save a lot of your time.

Pre Requisites

  • Basics of JavaScript, by basics we mean you should know a little bit about objects, arrays strings, operators etc.
  • A Internet Connection, though you will also be provided a PDF version if you want to learn it offline (we strongly suggest learning it online, since we are making things for Internet).
  • If you are new to Javascript and Node.js, please go through the documentations - Mozilla Javascript Docs & Node.js Official Docs.
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