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News API to find news articles by any topic country language website or keyword

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Plan: freemium
Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $$29
API Calls: 15,000 / month

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The Old Reader

We have implemented a GoogleReader-like mobile API that allows anyone to create a mobile app that works with The Old Reader. You can add websites to your reading lists, organise your interests, and share to connect with friends.

News API

Get breaking news headlines, and search for articles from over 30,000 news sources and blogs with our news API. Freaking fast because everything is asynchronously cached for a super-fast response. Free for development and easy integration.

The Guardian

Access all the content the Guardian creates, categorised by tags and section. Our API stores all articles, images, audio and videos dating back to 1999. All accessible with a single open platform key. Free instant access for developers We believe in the open source community. That's why any non-profit project can use our content for free. Commercial packages available We're always looking to collaborate with new partners and create new ways to distribute our content. Request a commercial key and our team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

New York Times

Provides News. Multiple APIs have been built over our existing News API. You can make use of these APIs to receive latest news, go branding or explore COVID 19 info held with our networks.


Currents - Capture the world news through simple json news API. Latest news published in various news sources, blogs and forums. 26 Million Entries and Counting, 18 Languages, News API sourced from over 70 countries, Data from Over 17,000 sources, 70,000 articles added daily and access to historical data.


Personalised news LISTENING experience from NPR. Get listings according to available channels, organisations, recommendations, ratings, history, aggregation and make search queries.

Chronicling America

Provides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of Congress. Search the newspaper directory and digitized page contents using OpenSearch. Auto Suggest API for looking up newspaper titles Link using our stable URL pattern for Chronicling America resources. JSON views of Chronicling America resources. Linked Data views of Chronicling American resources. Bulk Data for research and external services. CORS and JSONP support for your JavaScript applications.


A nice place to read on the web. Follow your passions with RSS, Twitter, and email newsletters. If you are a user of Feedbin, you can manage your pinned articles, liked content and subscriptions through this api. It also allows you to extract pages, articles and blogs with respect to their title and url.


Space Telescope News Releases

Spaceflight News

Get an overview of the latest Spaceflight news, Articles, Reports from various sources! Easily link your users to the right websites