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Programming Quotes API for open source projects. You need these quotes to push your self and other developers to stay motivated to their screens. Famous developers, authors and entreprenaurs have been added to provide a nicely curated list of quotes. You can call all quotes at one time or you can find out quotes about a specific author. Feel free to use and share with your friends.

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Vedic Society

A description of all of the nouns in vedic literature, including the flora, fauna, geography, food, relationships, and objects. The default response format is JSON. Make query with respect to words, angari, description, category and much more. For example you can find out; A noun can belong to more than one category, aj is both an animal and the name of a tribe.


Sepomex is a REST API that maps all the data from the current zip codes in Mexico. You can get the CSV or Excel files from the official site. We build this API in order to provide a way to developers query the zip codes, states and municipalities across the country.

Recreation Information Database

Recreational areas, federal lands, historic sites, museums, and other attractions/resourceS ACROSS USA. RIDB is a part of the Recreation One Stop (Rec1Stop) project, initiated as a result of a government modernization study conducted in 2004.

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit organization committed to Universal Access of Knowledge. The Archive runs several services including the search engine, OpenLibrary, and the Wayback Machine. In alignment with its mission, the Archive encourages developers to add media to, as well as to consume and re-purpose media and its metadata, for the great good of our community and beyond.


Shipment and Address information. API gives you access to address validation at street level, identify dangerous goods banned from trasnportation, locate global access points of UPS, pick up points, setup pre notifications, ratings, shipping, time in transit along with features that gives better visibility to the customers of their packages.

Samsara API

Samsara provides API endpoints for interacting with Samsara Cloud, so that you can build powerful applications and custom solutions with sensor data. Samsara has endpoints available to track and analyse sensors, vehicles, and entire fleets. The Samsara API is a RESTful API. It uses standard HTTP authentication, verbs, and response codes, and it returns JSON response bodies. If you're familiar with what you can build with a REST API, then this will be your go-to API reference.

French Address Search

Validate address or search for an address in France. The API is provided by the government of France to give the transparency of information to its citizens. API returns housenumber, type, name, post code, city code, x and y coordinates, context, importance prediction score out of 1 and street address. Also provides the type of license.

Open Government, France

French Government Open Data. API provides statistics shared by france to list open cases, covid cases, general news, law, agricultural news, cultural events, education inside France and across Europe and tourism.

Words API

Definitions for more than 150,000 words. You can find synonyms, antonyms, or similar words. Words API includes hierarchical information, such as knowing that: a hatchback is a type of car; a finger is a part of a hand; oxygen is a substance of water.

Radio Browser

This is a community with the aim of collecting as many internet radio stations as possible. The API is completely Free and Open Source. You may use it in free and non free softwares, install it on your own server and mirror all its data, you may fork it, you may look at the stats and you may look at the network structure.