Web Scraping API: Hassle-Free Data Extraction Our web scraping API handles all problems that are related to web scraping. Website HTML extraction has never been so easy!

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Plan: freemium
Trial: Yes
Starting Price: $$0
API Calls: 1000

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Hunter API makes it easy to find or verify professional email addresses.

Data USA

The Data USA API allows users to explore the entire database using carefully constructed query strings, returning data as JSON results.

Open Government, Canada

Open Canada Government is about making government more accessible to everyone. Participate in conversations, find data and digital records, and learn about open government.

United State Open Government

United State Government Open Data

Colorado Information Marketplace

Colorado State Government Open Data


Convert your Medium RSS feeds into JSON APIs and embed into your website. Medium is top most platform to publish content and people using this to share their knowledge public. So, you can use medium feed API to integrate into your webiste.


Relevant data and productivity are essential measures. Skrapp.io is an out-of-the-box tool that helps you find and save email addresses of your most prospective leads.

Australian Open Government

Australian Government Open Data


Turn any Google sheet into an API instantly, for free. Sheety turns your Google Sheet into a fully RESTful JSON API. That means you can GET, POST, PUT and DELETE to any spreadsheet with just a few lines of code.